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Chapter Two, Page 10

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Reply Rennakins, October 30th, 2012, 11:45 pm

I have this love/hate relationship with trees.
Today it was a love kind of day. I like how these ones came out. This is the interior of a Brechen house - they shape the flexible trees to become beds and other furniture. The leaves themselves are soft, so I have it in my head that the blanket little Zadia is sleeping on is some kind of animal skin stuffed with leaves. :) It was exciting to draw another Brechen too! This is Zadia's older sister, Venna.
You might also notice that Zadia's skin changes color throughout the three stages of her life we have seen her. Brechen children are pale, but contant exposure to the star (named Mura, by the way) at the center of their system permanently tans their skin. So as Zadia gets older, her skin will get darker and darker. :) As long as she is exposed to the star, that is.

@REALLYDEMONIC: Glad you like it! I am not too good with scenery but I do like to do it on occasion. :)

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Reply BluSlvrWolf (Guest), November 2nd, 2012, 11:20 pm

I'm really curious now about what the heck that pet of hers is

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