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Zadia Lexa is the sole survivor of the Breche race. She is naturally curious but often skittish as she spent several years in seclusion, fighting for her life against the Makasti invaders that ultimately obliterated her people. She was rescued and adopted by Sheran Lexa, a Coren medic, and remained in the Coren colonies on her planet where she became something of a celebrity. Sheran raised her to avoid the spotlight as much as possible so that she could have some semblance of a normal childhood. Despite her hardships she is sweet and caring, though she does have some trust issues regarding anyone other than her adoptive mother. She also has some issue identifying with others on an emotional level.

Raekorrika, known by her friends as Rae, is a typical, fun-loving member of the Izelas race. As a child she stumbled upon a strange dying creature and made a pact to share her body to keep it alive. In exchange the creature provided her with the power to absorb knowledge. This creature, known as Treegrown, turned out to be a legendary being from old Izelas lore, causing Rae to be revered by her people. Despite her fame she is very laid-back and modest.

Jiratra is a young Coren military cadet tasked with guarding A-Rank students Zadia and Raekorrika, as they are at a potential risk to be harmed by others who see them as a threat. As such, he is placed as a student in their class to keep an eye on them. Jiratra is stern and disciplined yet seems to be rather shy around girls. His goal in life is to advance through the military ranks and marry his longtime fiancée, Lisale.

Vithalos, or Thalos for short, comes from a Makasti mother and Kanir father in a universe where hybrids are often looked down upon due to the high mortality rate and genetic abnormalities of hybrid children. He is quiet and introverted, often coming off as cold due to his inability to reach out to others. Though he is part Makasti, the race which destroyed Zadia's people, he never once lived on the Makasti home planet and does not like to identify as a Makasti.

Samya is a hyperactive Kanir, a race of intelligent beings capable of synesthetic telepathy, allowing them to read others' minds in the form of abstract shapes, colors, and sounds. Samya is particularly intelligent and attends the private facility at a younger age than her peers. Always cheerful, she is often around to perk up her fellow students with her contagious attitude.